Spa Services


Foaming facial is formulated with all natural ingredients to clean, brighten, remove tear stains and add a luxurious Cucumber Melon scent. $10

Mud Bath

Designed for the ultimate grooming service, Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath gently addresses skin and coat issues. It removes impurities, exfoliates the skin and coat, deep conditions, rehydrates, rebuilds and adds shine & gloss to coat. Includes a 10 Minute Massage for the ultimate pampering $25-$40


this is a three step process done with Warren London paw products. First we give the paws a 5min soak using Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets, next we use a gentle brush and Paw Sani-Scrub, and lastly we apply Grapeseed oil Paw revitalizer. $25

Exfoliating Butter Wash

Exfoliating Butter Wash is the perfect mix to Clean, Exfoliate and Hydrate all in one! This all natural product was created with Jojoba Beads, which help to Exfoliate the skin and coat.  Botanical Extracts are added which help to moisturize their coat. $10

Keritan Treatment

Formulated for dogs this product regenerates damaged hair and gives it more weight, making it hang better and increasing the hair's straightness. $10


$15 and Up depending on breed and coat condition

Soft claws

$25 includes Application

Teeth Brushing


Teeth Cleaning

this is an anesthesia-free process using Plaq Clnz spray and gel along with a water pick to remove plaque and tarter build up.(no cats) $60+
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