All dogs will be expertly treated to the following:
  • High quality pet shampoos tailored to your dogs needs
  • Blow drying by hand
  • ​Ear Flush & Drying Treatment
  • Anal Sack Assesment
  • Happy Hoodie Noice Reduction
  • ​Customize Blow Dry
  • Nails trimmed
  • Finished clip
  • Cologne and/or bows available by request
**Call or drop by for price quote on your dogs trim

**Walk-in nail trim or face trim etc. welcome
Dog Grooming
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Grooming Price


$70 Hour

$80 Hour

$90 Hour
Dog Grooming price depends on the length of time it takes to finish your pet. Matted and heavy coated pets will take longer. Type of hair style  and type of coat will also determine lenght of time it takes to finish grooming your pet. We can not give exact quotes until we see your pet and evaluate hair style and coat condition.

Pet Services 

Walk-in Services
Nail Trimming $12

Come get your dogs nails Trimmed and add extra services for just $5 each
  • Ultra Smooth Nails
  • Pad Clean Trim
  • Scissored Paw
  • Teeth Brush
  • Ear Clean
  • Visor Trim

Dog Beauty is Our Passion