Dog Beauty Services

Dog Beauty is our Passion

High quality pet shampoos tailored to your dogs needs

Luxury dog shampoo . . .because every pooch is precious, Indulge your dog – and yourself –in Les Poochs shampoos and crème rinses. Each luxurious ingredient was carefully chosen and custom formulated into premium products that gently cleanse and nourish, renewing the skin and promoting soft, shiny coats. Made in the South of France, trusted by professionals throughout the world.

Blow Drying by Hand

Blow drying by hand
There are 3 ways that we blow dry your dog depending on you dogs needs.
  • Force Dry - This is our primary way of drying dogs. This method helps remove excessive under coat and helps clean the hair
  • Fluff Drying helps get the coat dry while straightening hair, also helps in deshedding
  • Cage Dry - benefits breeds with smooth and short hair, and heavy coated breeds to assure that they don’t go home with any damp areas. Many pets, especially cats, enjoy this.

Ear Cleaning

Ear Cleaning
Keep your dog's ears healty and clean with Les Pooch powerful, patented Pooch Botanique MedAcetic Ear Cleanser. Flormulated with 1.25% boric acid and 1.25% Acetic Acid, this though but soothing cleanser alleviates a wide range of ear aliments. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, it quicly tackles wax build-up, dirt, and mites

Happy Hoodie Noice Reduction

Pets are often scared, upset and disagreeable with the deafening noise and high pressured air associated with force drying. Happy Hoodie MUFFLES THE PAINFULLY LOUD NOISE and keeps the high-pressured air from getting into their ears. Happy Hoodie has an almost IMMEDIATE CALMING EFFECT which greatly IMPROVES BEHAVIOR! A calmer pet makes for a safer environment and saves us A LOT of time and frustration with the drying process.

Nail Trimming

We keep our nail trimmers sharp. A dull nail trimmer make trimming nails a uncomfortable experieince for your pet. Our nail trimming makes the differience

Nail Buffing

Using an electric rotary tool we can buff the nails to a smooth, splinter free, finish with the comfort and safety of your pet as our first priority.  You will be amazed at how short the toe nails can be without stressing your pet. just $8 added to your service

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