3 Step Process

Warren London's famous Pawdicure Treatment is perfect for a relaxing and soothing spa day for your pup.  This treatment has many great health benefits as well to keep your dog's paws looking and feeling great.

  1. Step One - Paw Sani-Scrub W/ Scrub Brush - Rub our paw sani-scrub on the paw pads.  Take the scrub brush and scrub the pads and then under all of the nails.

  2. Step Two - Deep Cleaning FIzz Tablets - Soak paws for 5 minutes.  Fill tub or basin right above their paws. This will help to soften and condition the nails while also sanitizing the paws fighting any germs, fungus, bacteria or yeast.

  3. Step Five - Rub the Grapeseed Oil Paw Revitalizer on the Paw Pads and let it get absorbed in for about one minute.

Add to your Bath or Haircut Service