Luxury Baths

​​Our Luxury Bath is perfect for short haired pets and as a between groom maintainence for medium to long haired breeds.  We select just the right products from our selection of high quality pet care products to suit your pets needs.

  • Shampoo and conditioner 
  • Hand blow dry
  • Hand Brushing
  • Ears cleaned, hair removed if needed
  • Nails trimmed and filed
  • Glands expressed by request.

Price guideline for a Luxury Bath

Small Dogs 15lbs or less

Medium Dogs 16-40lbs

Large Dogs over 40lbs

We also offer a touch up which can be added on to the Luxury Bath for $15. This includes a sanitary trim and a face and feet trim. 

Luxury Styling

Our Luxury Styling includes everything from the Luxury Bath as well as a full hair cut and hand scissoring.  You and your pet will meet with one of our stylists for a consultation to choose the right style.  We can follow the AKC breed standard or come up with a style that is custom to your preferences. 

Price guideline for a Luxury Styling

Small Dogs 15lbs or less

Medium Dogs 16-40lbs

Large Dogs over 40lbs

Add On / Ala Carte

​​Facial - we use a tear free facial foam to make your pets face extra clean and smelling great. $10

Mud Bath - Madra Mor Canine Mud Treatments are  used along with a ten minute massage for a real spa like pampering. $25-$40 

Pawdicure - this is a three step process done with Warren London paw products. First we give the paws a 5min soak using Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets, next we use a gentle brush and Paw Sani-Scrub, and lastly we apply Grapeseed oil Paw revitalizer. $25

Exfoliating Butter Wash - all-natural, exfoliating, and hydrating scrub made with jojoba beads and botanical extracts. $10

Vital Keratin Treatment
 - Formulated for dogs this product regenerates damaged hair and gives it more weight, making it hang better and increasing the hair's straightness. $10

De-shedding Treatment $15 and up depending on breed and coat condition

Flea Bath $10

Soft Claws $25 (includes application)

Teeth Brushing $10

Teeth Cleaning - this is an anesthesia-free process using Plaq Clnz spray and gel along with a water pick to remove plaque and tarter build up. $30+

Hair Pricing

Vaccination records are required for all services.
​Prices serve as an estimate only and may vary.
Extra fees may apply for matted and/or difficult pets.
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Express Services
We offer the Express Service, a much asked for service, that is the delight of the " parent" that does not even consider putting their "children" in cages. For a fee of $40 one is able to book a time when the visit by their pet to the salon is done in the minimum possible time in order to reduce the stress experienced by some sensitive pets. So most jobs that are done usually in three (for small clients) or four hours have about one hour shaved off the total. This service is only available for pets that are in perfect shape. If dematting is needed to accomplish the final look, the charges will still be justified even if it takes longer.