Why A Certified Master Groomer

The Grooming Industy

Picking a pet groomer is a stressful desision to make. The Grooming Industry is  un-regulated by the state. There is no licence required. Anyone can open a grooming shop with no experience or training. They can open with no training on cleanliness or safety. Taking your pet to a groomer for the first time can be scary.

How Groomers Learn Grooming

Groomers learn their skills from a variety of places. Some groomers go to a grooming school, watch videos, or on the job training. Some grooming schools are just a few weeks and the student receives a certificate, but they really are not prepared to start grooming your pet. They still lack the skills in many areas of pet grooming. Usually safety education is lacking.

Is Your Pet Groomer a Certified Master Groomer

At Grooming at Tiffany's all groomers are Certified Master Groomers or are studying and practicing daily to achieve that goal of Certified Master Groomer. Self regulation through voluntary certification organization.

How to become a Certified Master Groomer

There are several Voluntary certification organizations. The National Dog Groomer Association of America (NDGAA). International Professional Groomers Inc., the international Society of Canine Cosmetologist and others.

​Their are several written exams as well as practical tests (actually grooming a dog for exam). The programs certify that the pet groomer has correct knowledge of canine behavior, proper handling techniques, extensive knowlege of anatomy, bathing, and safety and first aid, sanitation and treatment of parasites.
The Master Groomer exams requires the groomer to have complete knowlege of coat types and breed standards of every AKC breed. Plus cats!
The process is not an easy one. It takes several years just to possess the skills to attemp certification. Many groomers take several years to complete certification with many failed attempts.
It requires a dedicated professional to earn the title of Certified Master Groomer.

At Grooming at Tiffany’s we strive to provide all of our services with compassion and expertise.  Being Certified Master Groomers is just one more way that we provide a far superior service!