Grooming at Tiffany's is designed to provide Dog Beauty at its finest. We currently book weeks out for hair cuts. Tiffany is in high demand by clients that want their friends to look their very best. Please plan in advance if you want Tiffany to add her style and expertise to your dog's groom.
  1. Hair Cut with Style
    Hair Cut with Style
    Want your pooch looking its best? This service includes our typical Bath Service and the cutting of hair everywhere – Body, legs, feet, head, etc.
  2. Bath for Beauty
    Bath for Beauty
    We use only the finest shampoos and conditioners. Every bath includes ears cleaned, nails clipped, anal glands expressed. We wash your dog twice in a shampoo that compliments the coat. Then we hand dry to bring out the beauty.
  3. Mini Groom
    Mini Groom
    Does your dog just need a bath and a little trimming around the rear, feet and eyes. A mini groom is perfect.

Ala Cart Services

  • Nail Clipping - Dogs should walk on the pads of thier feet not the toe nails. Walking on toe nails put more wear and tear on the joints, causing arthritis. Keep nails short will help prevent arthritis. We provide this service with bath, mini groom, or any hair styling service. We also preform this service as a walk-in service.
  • Nail Filing - Do you have wood floors? Filing nails every 2-3 weeks will help nails to get shorter over time. We can add this on to any service or preform as a walk in service
  • Pad Trimming -  Is your dog bringing a lot of the outside in or slipping around on your word floors? By keeping the nails and pad hair short, your pet will have cleaner feet and better traction on slippery floors. Did you know that keeping the nails and pad hair short will aid in arthritis prevention? This service is included in a grooming or can be performed as a walk-in service.
  • Ear cleaning - Do you have a hard time cleaning your pet’s ears? Let us help! this service comes standard in our grooming services or can be performed as a walk-in service.
  • Tooth Brushing - Dental health is very important to overall health and wellness of your pet! This service can be added onto a grooming or performed as a walk-in service.
  • Dental Treatment PackageThis package starts off with a tooth brushing, is followed up with an application of enzymatic dental gel and a take home 2.5 ounce tube of dental gel. This service can be added onto a grooming or performed as a walk-in service.
  • Anal Glands Expressed - Anal glands are normally expressed when your dog goes to the bathroom. Some pets have a hard time doing it themselves which results in licking their behind or scooting a lot. This service can be added onto a grooming or performed as a walk-in service.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment - This treatment is an ideal service to keep as a regular maintenance for your pets with with yeasty, problematic skin. It starts out with our scent free shampoo and conditioning massaging bubble bath, then the pet receives a detoxifying rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar. Lastly, the pet is sprayed again with our special solution before drying. This is a grooming add on service only.